LBP Preorders Out Today

I’ve actually been doing a lot of stuff recently. I’ve been hanging out with the other people at the Quality Inn, going places, going to class, doing homework, and all that other good stuff. I’ve actually not had much time for video games or anything like that, except Castlevania, but that ends today.

Gamestop called me this morning at 10 to tell me that the Little Big Planet preorders were in stock! I contemplated waiting for the only guy in the Quality Inn to wake up so I could bum a ride off of him, but I couldn’t wait. I jumped on my bike and rode 4 miles to Gamestop and picked up my copy. They also tried to rip me off by giving me $8.50 for a brand new copy of Metroid Prime 3, but I said “heck no” to that.

Well, I’m off to play!


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