January 23, 2009


A long time ago, I came upon Groove Salad, an Internet radio station that plays all sorts of odd music, but is oddly perfect while using your computer, or blogging for that matter. I occasionally capture the names of some songs and go back and listen to them later. Here is one of the funky ones, be sure to listen while chilling out and drinking herbal tea.

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November 16, 2008


Wow, this blog is going through some rough times. It’s a one man show right now, and with school and work eating up every last minute I have, this has really been put on the back burner. Evan has discovered a social aspect of college he previously didn’t have, and his computer has more than just hard drive problems. Even though I’m sure this post will go unread, I’ll write anyway.

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Hot Leg

October 10, 2008

Once upon a time, there was a fantastic, ridiclous, awesome band called The Darkness. After just two cds, that band broke up. A bunch of the members formed a brand new band called Stone Gods. Unfortunately, that band lost everything that made the Darkness special, and ended up being just another junk hard rock band.

Fortunately, I have just learned that the lead singer of the Darkness, and one of the ones that didn’t join Stone Gods, started a new band called Hot Leg. Of what I’ve heard so far, this band retains a lot of the awesomeness of the Darkness: the great singer, the awesome guitar, and a distinct style. ┬áThe style is definitely different from the glam rock style of the Darkness, but it still manages to be awesome.

They have already recorded an album (though it hasn’t been released, or even named) and they are currently touring through England, so if you live over there, make sure to buy some (rather cheap) tickets and enjoy the show!

Hot Leg’s Myspace

Hot Leg’s Website

Some Kind of Awesome Song

September 30, 2008

While the title outright suggests an awesome song, I suggest to you that I think this song is awesome. Historically I am not a fan of female singers, I think they sound goofy, just like women who drive trucks and SUV’s. It just doesn’t fit most of the time, but this song has a rare quality of needing a woman to make it whole.

Crazy, right?

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