Simply Spy

So I finally sat down and recorded two games of me playing Spy. I boast my ability quite a bit and it’s about time I got to making a video. There is some junk missing from the matches that were fantastic, that’s because I stopped recording at some points because I was confident I wasn’t going to keep being awesome.

The link to the video after the break.

So I’ve been playing this game for about a year now, and I have some more information listed on the side of the video. On my clan server I’m notorious for my impossibly good aim with the revolver. 

On the flip side of that, I personally believe the game hates me, there are a few times during the video where you’ll notice the game super glitches on me, and just will NOT give me the stab no matter how fair it is.

That’s the main reason I became so good with the revolver, because my knife is as effective as stabbing someone with a pointy piece of putty.

The video contains very strong language at points because the demo records voice too so other players who were speaking were captured. For some reason, the demo player was glitching like crazy and would randomly mute everything but in-game voices, in the recording, I had to die and respawn for the sound to come back, so excuse those bits.

The video won’t be in very good quality, so in order to understand some parts, you’ll need to look at the top right, whatever comes up highlighted in white is something I did, so you may want to rewind to see what you may have missed.

It’s a VERY poorly strung together series of random clips from the maps Turbine and Warpath2. 

Yes, I shoot Scouts.

Yes, I shoot Pyros.

Watch the video, I dominate them. (That’s the Bond-esque jingle, in case you don’t know.)

See me in action here.


3 Responses to Simply Spy

  1. scottiec809 says:

    Sweet video.
    It just makes me think about getting TF2 even more.

  2. rbelmont000 says:

    I’d definitely say give it a try before you buy. I mean, I don’t like fpses in general, but TF2 didn’t really do anything cool or anything in my opinion.

    And the fact that there are no head shots (besides sniper) really annoys me.

  3. Jetlag says:

    God I miss watching you play TF2!!!

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