HP Officejet 4500g-m Windows 7 64-bit Install

July 8, 2011

Working on a client I scoured the Internet and found this printer was a giant piece of crap with terrible support. However here’s how I got the software to install.

HP Officejet 4500

HP Officejet 4500


Note: Antivirus was uninstalled and the printer was unplugged from the beginning.

On HP’s support website make sure you  get the Officejet 4500 All-in-One Printer – G510g and select the correct version of your operating system for 64 bit, in this case it was home premium.

Download the full software suite, let it extract and let it crash. When Windows pops up asking you if you want to let it install with recommended settings, do it. This actually worked.  I was able to get through the setup without any problems. Hopes this helps those going through hell with this printer.


Windows 7, Warm and Cuddly

January 27, 2009


I normally wouldn’t say this about a Windows-based operating system, but I’m actually enjoying using Windows 7. There’s something very pleasant about the operating system overall that both OS X and KDE have. It’s a calm blend that happens whenever you leave your computer alone and take a close look at it…

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January 23, 2009


A long time ago, I came upon Groove Salad, an Internet radio station that plays all sorts of odd music, but is oddly perfect while using your computer, or blogging for that matter. I occasionally capture the names of some songs and go back and listen to them later. Here is one of the funky ones, be sure to listen while chilling out and drinking herbal tea.

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A Few Things

January 23, 2009


I’m guessing it has been noticed by now we’ve slowed down considerably. What happened? Well what was the major reason we ground to a halt last time… Oh that’s right, Evan’s computer broke. It appears he’s having for REAL hard drive issues this time. We shall see how things turn out. Anyway, here’s a two-for post for you.

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Windows Vi… I mean 7!

January 15, 2009


So you’ve heard that it’s happening and you’re quite sure it has promise. Well, that’s nice, but it’s time for you to get a real look into what Windows 7 is all about. I’ve made an almost thorough video of the features of Windows 7 and why it still leaves a bad taste in your mouth, sort of.

So if you’d like to look before you buy… or… whatever you plan on doing to obtain it. Read on.

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January 12, 2009


I’m really shocked by what  little mention on a website can do. As quickly as we fell under, we came soaring back up because of Evan’s one BBY at the airport post. To think that if he could get a mention here and there, we may actually have a popular blog on our hands. It seems that with blog popularity comes increased responsibility. If you want continued success there has to be a standard to which all posts must then conform. Maybe I should start sticking the address for this blog in random places. Or I should switch to quick posts,

“Here’s a cool video!”



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Good Things Must End

January 10, 2009


I know that my writing tends to focus a lot on my work, most likely because it’s the most interesting thing I’ve got to write about that’s tame. I’m not saying I have many wild and crazy nights, but for the content of the blog, I’ve got to keep the audience broad.

I also think that hearing real inside stories about how a company is truly run is a great way to make change on a much bigger scale. If everyone has the same inside knowledge as the employees, the playing field is leveled, and a business would have trouble evolving into something like a monopoly. As long as one person understands why I keep writing these, I’ll feel good about it.

Onward with the tyranny… 

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