Superhero – Update 1

January 7, 2009

My first video of my Superhero game. ┬áMusic Master is in the past, unforuntately, because I never really wanted to do it in the first place. I wanted to make some simple, short game to sort of “get back” into making games, but that ended up being a bad idea because I didn’t care about this game.

Anyway, there isn’t much in Superhero so far, but it shows of the basic engine and some of the graphics (backgrounds are unfinished).


Music Master – Update 2

December 20, 2008

Alright, so I didn’t get as much done as I hoped in the time that I hoped. To make up for it, here’s a video of the basic (VERY basic) engine of the game. While it’s still basic, the final product won’t look too different from this besides a few graphical changes (the trails on the notes bug me) and ┬ámore varied enemies.

Music Man – Update 1

December 19, 2008


This will probably be the first and only update of this game, because I plan to finish it tomorrow. It’s just going to be a short, one level space shooter just to get back into game making after a two month absence.

Anyway, it’s a small space shooter where you play as a ghost with an electric guitar who uses the power of music to defeat evil robots. The story is definitely its strong suit, as the gameplay will be very typical of this sort of title. The graphic-style is set, and most of the graphics are done, they just need to be touched up here or there.

Well, expect the final game tomorrow or at least an extensive update.

Determined Runner – Update 2

October 9, 2008

Here’s the second video of my Determined Runner game. Not much has changed, but there are 2 more enemies, some graphic fixes, and the level setup. Really, it’s coming along quickly, and after I make a few more enemies and obstacles, all I will have left is the boss fight and background graphics!

It’s looking good! This may be the first game where I UNDER estimate how much I can do.

Determined Runner – Update 1

October 8, 2008

Yep, I’ve gotten enough done in the game to post an update. It’s still not much, and there’s still a lot of stuff to fix, which you can see in this video. But the basic gist of it is there. You run through towns and other locations, killing enemies, getting points (have yet to be implemented), and having fun.

Determined Runner – Concept Art

October 6, 2008

Just a little concept art for my upcoming Determined Runner game. I actually started this game a long time ago, and decided to go back and revisit it. It’s a top-down shooter that has you running through different locations. I think that it’ll be really short, like one level, because I am still working on Space Living, I just wanted to clear my mind.

RPG Mockups

October 5, 2008

They aren’t complete or anything, but I’ve been just messing around with different styles for RPGs. Two of them are Earthbound inspired, and the other is very Final Fantasy-esque, though I didn’t complete the furniture and stuff.