January 12, 2009


I’m really shocked by what  little mention on a website can do. As quickly as we fell under, we came soaring back up because of Evan’s one BBY at the airport post. To think that if he could get a mention here and there, we may actually have a popular blog on our hands. It seems that with blog popularity comes increased responsibility. If you want continued success there has to be a standard to which all posts must then conform. Maybe I should start sticking the address for this blog in random places. Or I should switch to quick posts,

“Here’s a cool video!”



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Good Things Must End

January 10, 2009


I know that my writing tends to focus a lot on my work, most likely because it’s the most interesting thing I’ve got to write about that’s tame. I’m not saying I have many wild and crazy nights, but for the content of the blog, I’ve got to keep the audience broad.

I also think that hearing real inside stories about how a company is truly run is a great way to make change on a much bigger scale. If everyone has the same inside knowledge as the employees, the playing field is leveled, and a business would have trouble evolving into something like a monopoly. As long as one person understands why I keep writing these, I’ll feel good about it.

Onward with the tyranny… 

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Away From Home: Food

January 10, 2009


You know, I’ve seen a lot of movies and television about college life, and I’ve got to admit, there was a lot I was expecting coming in to college that just didn’t happen. When I first came to a university, so much ridiculous stuff happened, I probably should have been keeping a journal of some sort to keep record of all the extra stupid things. I am in my third year of college, so I think I’ve got some room to talk about how it has been.

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Superhero – Update 1

January 7, 2009

My first video of my Superhero game.  Music Master is in the past, unforuntately, because I never really wanted to do it in the first place. I wanted to make some simple, short game to sort of “get back” into making games, but that ended up being a bad idea because I didn’t care about this game.

Anyway, there isn’t much in Superhero so far, but it shows of the basic engine and some of the graphics (backgrounds are unfinished).

Design Tours – Great for Devs

January 5, 2009


If anyone else out there is a self-proclaimed game developer, you should check this out.  Design Tours is a ongoing series created by David Rosen (creator of Lugaru) looking into the various design choices of indie games. It’s really handy for indie game designers and you’ll probably learn a thing or two.

You can check them out on his Vimeo page.

Also, news regarding my own indie projects should be up today or tomorrow.

Brief Tutorial: Directing Output

January 1, 2009


One incredibly useful thing I learned when reading a nerdbook on Linux commands, is the ability to direct output to text files.

I recently dug a bit to get the Wifi LED on my Thinkpad to work under Ubuntu.

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An Addendum for Best Buy Express

December 31, 2008

If I would have known Evan had a remote interest in this I would have mentioned it forever ago, I’ve known about this for about a month or so.

Read the post below this one first.

I have a little explanation behind the prices in the vending machines. Most of the products featured in the machines are price protected products. Items from Apple and gaming manufacturers are normally price protected. This is why the items aren’t stupidly overpriced, as I’m sure BBY wants them to be.

Forget the +/- .50 cents Wal-Mart takes off, comes back in tax anyway.

This should have been a comment probably, but whatever.