A Few Things


I’m guessing it has been noticed by now we’ve slowed down considerably. What happened? Well what was the major reason we ground to a halt last time… Oh that’s right, Evan’s computer broke. It appears he’s having for REAL hard drive issues this time. We shall see how things turn out. Anyway, here’s a two-for post for you.

I was previously going to make a post about my defense on hating monkeys. Then my finger slipped and I lost all my work, didn’t bother to hit the “Save Draft” button, because the post was short. So here’s the would have been post…

I must be one of the only guys on the planet who doesn’t like monkeys. I’ve never been fond of the little guys, I don’t think I hate them, I just don’t want them anywhere near me ever. I think they are hideous, I don’t find their antics amusing, they typically smell, the fling feces, I mean, there isn’t really much to like, so.

But to some people, I’m sure, that isn’t a good enough defense. Whilst researching endangered and extinct species, I came across an old favorite.

The dodo.

I had forgotten about the bird and that it at one point in time existed. I was reading the Wikipedia article and found a nice little excerpt on as to why they went extinct…

…when humans first arrived on Mauritius, they also brought with them other animals that had not existed on the island before, including … Crab-eating Macaques, which plundered the dodo nests… currently, the impact these animals – especially the pigs and macaques – had on the dodo population is considered to have been more severe than that of hunting.

They were purely endemic to Mauritius, and humans bring monkeys, who in turn go and destroy an ecosystem. Way to go you ass-scratchers. Actually, I wrote that little bit for fun, it really never comes up about why I don’t like monkeys, actually. I think it’s a matter of personal preference, like just about everything else. Now for the second tiny article.

I decided to put my power computer to work tonight and strain the Internet connection. Starmen.net was hosting the wonderful RadioPSI, the likes of which I haven’t listened to in years, and it was just about to start! I hurridley copy-pasted the stream address into my media player, fired up Team Fortress, downloaded and installed an IRC client and joined the radio channel, and opened up my IM client. I was making sure to do the most with my four processors.

The radio announcer made mention he was going to focus heavily on Suzuki Keiichi’s band Moonrider. Even though the music was ridiculously unfitting, it was still very good. Their official website is straight out of the nineties as well. It’s also not in English, so I haven’t ventured around too much. Hopefully Evan will get his junk fixed soon.


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