My New Abode


This isn’t our actual house, I have no pictures of the house, but it conveys the feel of the house.

I lived in a  hotel for the first semester at my college which was awesome. You see, they overbooked the dorms at my college this year, so they put some transfer students up (FOR FREE) in a hotel. It was a really good experience despite the complaints that I may have made over the course of the year. Unfortunately, this semester, we had to be moved out of the hotel. Fortunately, we still got free housing. But unfortunately again, we got the absolute worst house possible.

After doing everything right, and being the only group of people that showed interest in the houses, we ended up with the exact house that we requested NOT to get. If that wasn’t bad enough, the house we ended up, with which needed the most work, had NO work done over the winter break. We came back and moved our stuff in today without seeing in first, and when we got there, we saw that there were roaches on the floor, dirty carpet, peeling walls, broken windows, etc.

Needless to say, we went nuts. We were promised a clean house, fresh paint, and new floors. But what makes the whole thing worse is that the other two houses got completely furnished with TVs and everything.

So here I am, back at the hotel for another week. Supposedly our house should be completely finished by Saturday, but I don’t believe that it’ll happen.


One Response to My New Abode

  1. scottiec809 says:

    That sucks bro.

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