I’m really shocked by what  little mention on a website can do. As quickly as we fell under, we came soaring back up because of Evan’s one BBY at the airport post. To think that if he could get a mention here and there, we may actually have a popular blog on our hands. It seems that with blog popularity comes increased responsibility. If you want continued success there has to be a standard to which all posts must then conform. Maybe I should start sticking the address for this blog in random places. Or I should switch to quick posts,

“Here’s a cool video!”



I hope you weren’t actually expecting a cool video. That is not what this post is about, I figured I would take this post and turn it into a television series review without including spoilers.

If there is one thing I’ve never liked about cable television, it’s censorship, the lack thereof, too much of it, and no quality control. Can you understand what I mean? Some writers have brilliant ideas, they want to make a ground breaking television show that has all of what people want, but they can’t include most of that because of censoring. I’m not saying it’s impossible to make a television show without having explicit adult content, but some shows would probably be better on Showtime or HBO. For instance, Curb Your Enthusiasm is definitely not appropriate for any standard cable channel, but it wouldn’t be the same without the adult content. It’s a great show, and would be ruined if it were to be censored. Or just never aired.

I really just want to make mention of a great show that uses its freedom to the maximum. 


It comes on Showtime, and I must say, it’s quite an excellent show. It features a burnt out writer who hasn’t written anything in years in a tumultuous relationship with his never-wife,  her boyfriend, their daughter and his daughter. It’s a supreme entanglement of people who not only aid in balancing each other out, but each form their own unique, deep characters. The show is laid out in a roller-coaster/train wreck manner, there are those moments where you are brought up to highs and plummet into serious moments that you can’t look away from. 

Who brings the show together? David Duchovny. I haven’t seen him since X-Files, but he’s a surprise! Amazing actor. He plays Hank Moody, a character that’s easy to like given he’s exactly what all likable characters are, human. He’s a flawed, easy going individual with a grasp on what he needs and how to get it, but being weak enough to lose it. There are oh-so many television icons who wish they could be a fourth of what Duchovny portrays in this series, honestly, anyone else would have just ruined the part.

It’s a show full of amazing antics, foul language, drugs, nudity, twists, embarrassing moments, partying, drama. I couldn’t ask more from it honestly, I don’t think I’ve had a moment where I went,

“Man, I wish this show had – “

The formula for good television is pretty easy. Good actors + original plot and scenarios + good film elements = genius. However, Californication isn’t as popular as one might expect it to me. It’s an outstanding show and I’ve not seen anything like it in… probably ever. It deserves much more credit than some may give it. However, I do feel that with everything there is exceptions and it may not be your particular cup of Columbian Roastmasters Coffee with half cream and two sugar packets, but it’s worth a watch. Who knows, maybe you like Seinfeld and that’s your trade off?

Either way, make it a point to watch the show at some time or another, and watch it slowly, good television is always watched too fast.


One Response to Impressed

  1. rbelmont000 says:

    Your welcome bro.

    Well, we should both thank my friend, Eric. He introduced me to a lot of cool stuff, including the Dark Knight Returns comic and Californication.

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