Good Things Must End


I know that my writing tends to focus a lot on my work, most likely because it’s the most interesting thing I’ve got to write about that’s tame. I’m not saying I have many wild and crazy nights, but for the content of the blog, I’ve got to keep the audience broad.

I also think that hearing real inside stories about how a company is truly run is a great way to make change on a much bigger scale. If everyone has the same inside knowledge as the employees, the playing field is leveled, and a business would have trouble evolving into something like a monopoly. As long as one person understands why I keep writing these, I’ll feel good about it.

Onward with the tyranny… 

I was actually going to maybe throw a few positive things in here or something, but since tonight happened, it’s game over. I’m officially fed up with Best Buy, I know I’ve complained a lot in the past, but it was the final straw tonight. I realized we were super colliding with failure harder than any other point in time, and I was poised to take action.

I started writing this post the day my vacation was ending, realizing how fun it had been. Not the greatest four days of my life, but excellent in the fact I hadn’t been thinking of work at all. I had been reading, hanging out with my friends, making the most of my time, I don’t regret how I spent it, really. When my last day came, it was time to start putting things back into order, how I was going to feed myself, when I needed to be to work… and what kind of shape work was even going to be in.

Let me put a clarification statement here. The only thing that determines how screwed we are, is how many computers need to be fixed. That is it, it doesn’t matter if the new functionality check list is pages long, or there is tons of crap to be shipped/received. 

For obvious reasons, people have become SUPER dependent on their computers. So much so they become enraged when they are not around their computers because the general public doesn’t understand that stuff happens. Granted, I do deal with many nice people on a day to day basis, but most customer’s don’t want to hear,

“It’s going to be $200 and ten days.”

Which is about where it’s sitting right now. The breaking point tonight was when management failed harder than I have seen them fail in a long time. I had sent an e-mail out on Monday, describing how I’d turned in my new availability, but not early enough but it’s over a week before that schedule happens, change what must be changed. Tonight is Friday, I open my e-mail and just see, “See who you can swap with.” Absolutely nothing has been done to prevent the immanent failure that is going to occur. They could have redone the schedule just like they did the FIRST time when they made it and saved the now catastrophe. There is now a day when there is a uneven two hour gap and no time for anyone to take lunches and stuff. 

It is partially my fault for not turning my availability in earlier, but I don’t feel bad because they had a full week to change a schedule that hadn’t even been worked yet, and absolutely nothing was done. The thing is, I’ll probably have my ass chewed out about it, and I could care less. I recently put the screws to this place by giving away a day of work to someone else and then made it seem like he shouldn’t show up for work AND came in early on the scheduled day and made my boss fly into a rage. 

They can’t afford to fire me, the senior is now the new in-home agent, and they barely have enough weekday people to cover shifts. If I were to jump ship, they’d be much, much worse than they are now. I could care less, in a company that refuses to hire required people, I have no sympathy. 

So I took the plunge and updated my resume and filled out my profile for student services and am now slated to get a new job. I’m enlisting the help of my college because they have co-op programs that can get me work with reputable companies that don’t accept gross incompetence.

Gross incompetence, I recently found out, is a fireable offense. As the name suggests, you lied your ass off on the resume and they’ve found out you have not a single clue as to what you’re doing. Definitely not a fireable offense at Best Buy.

I should have made the move a while ago, but things were not looking too bad at work. They don’t pay me bad, and there are times when I do enjoy my job, as tough as that may be to believe. There is a certain amount of respect that comes with the job, and making people that happy does make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  

But for all who may think…. We do not sell computer/camera/television replacement plans. Period. Ever.



2 Responses to Good Things Must End

  1. Liz Remus says:

    Hey, if it makes you feel any better I heard Circuit City is filing for bankruptcy.

    Working in retail is tough. It’s especially tough for smart people because the smart people leave and the stupid jerks stay which then get promoted to managerial positions only because there is no one left to promote and thus furthering the miserable cycle of working in retail.

    I’m in college right now and I’ve worked on campus as a work study and I absolutely loved it. I got to hang out on campus so I didn’t waste any gas money but I didn’t get paid much either.

    Hopefully your school will set you up with a good co-op plan. What is your major?

  2. itslupintic says:

    Currently an Information Technology major. I’m hoping they can get me something better than what I have right now. I’d even take a slight cut in pay to be at a better job.
    It’s true what you say, the decent people (which, none really existed at where I work to begin with), leave and the unqualified are promoted out of necessity. It’s the exact situation we are in now, our current services manager used to be an appliances supervisor. He has no idea about how services departments work and it really shows.

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