Away From Home: Food


You know, I’ve seen a lot of movies and television about college life, and I’ve got to admit, there was a lot I was expecting coming in to college that just didn’t happen. When I first came to a university, so much ridiculous stuff happened, I probably should have been keeping a journal of some sort to keep record of all the extra stupid things. I am in my third year of college, so I think I’ve got some room to talk about how it has been.

This won’t be a story catalog of things that have happened to me while at college. This is going to be more of a “how I’ve adjusted to college” deal. 

When I was younger, my mother told me, “Son, you need to marry an ugly girl so she can cook for you.” From that day on, I vowed to learn to cook so I could marry whoever I wanted regardless of her ability to cook.

Cooking was an essential skill I knew I would need going into college. Being well versed in the kitchen realm keeps your wallet a bit fuller and your gas tank a bit fuller as well. Cooking with store-purchased ingredients allows you to make multiple meals that cost significantly less, and are sometimes better than what you can buy pre-made from a fast food place, or from a super centre. There are plenty of stereotypes made about college students gaining weight because of the stress and lack of healthy eating. Honestly, if I didn’t have to work at the same time, I would eat pretty healthy. There’s a stereotype about college kids and pizza, I’ll tell you this, I only eat pizza because of two reasons.

A) I found out a large is $5.

B) It makes two meals.

In fact, I only eat out once a week, unless someone invites me out. 

I spent my first year of college at a community college, so I lived at home and never had to worry about food. When I finally moved out an into an apartment, I took my knowledge and went grocery shopping. I found out quickly that time constraints and irresponsible roommates were going to severely limit my ability to cook at my leisure. I had to buy stuff that other people didn’t want so they wouldn’t steal it, and use my closet as a pantry. 

I narrowed it down to where I stopped buying things that perish really easy. Milk, bread, yogurt, stuff with expiration dates are always tempting, but they end up being such a waste of money because most of it just spoils. 

So frozen food has become immensely popular. So much so, it’s almost my entire diet. Everything about frozen food is wonderful. 

It cooks really fast.

It’s relatively cheap.

It can keep for months.

Massive variety

What isn’t to love? I’ll admit, frozen stuff always tastes worse than its fresh counterparts, but the easiness and low price really makes up for it. So here is what I boiled my diet down to. 

4-minute beef roast au-ju, makes two meals, tastes great.

Frozen chicken tenders + frozen mozzarella sticks, tasty, ultra cheap, makes weeks worth of meals when spread out.

Fried porkchops, about $2.50 a meal, cooks up fast, cleanup is simple, and tastes incredible and homemade. 

That’s pretty much my diet up here besides eating out from time to time. I hate Wal-mart with a passion, and shopping by yourself is just unfun, so I keep myself stocked well and trip infrequently. Good cooking is time consuming… between clean-up, prep, and cook time, it’s a drain on my already full schedule. I think I’ll continue to keep it simple.


2 Responses to Away From Home: Food

  1. Mom says:

    HA! I found you. You should have at least given me and your Grandmother a little credit here for teaching you to cook. I’ll have a surprise for you when you next come home. It’ll give you a little more variety into your diet.

    Love you,

  2. Mom says:

    My response above says I did this at 12:36 am. Dad must not have set the time on the PC. We need to check that!

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