Superhero – Update 1

My first video of my Superhero game.  Music Master is in the past, unforuntately, because I never really wanted to do it in the first place. I wanted to make some simple, short game to sort of “get back” into making games, but that ended up being a bad idea because I didn’t care about this game.

Anyway, there isn’t much in Superhero so far, but it shows of the basic engine and some of the graphics (backgrounds are unfinished).


2 Responses to Superhero – Update 1

  1. Devon says:

    What are the controls for plebian 4, and where can I download some of your games?

  2. […] years old and the future of Superhero looks bleak.  Either way, I would like to see the community flood their blog and show them we could truly get behind a game like this.  No comments yet from Rebellion […]

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