An Addendum for Best Buy Express

If I would have known Evan had a remote interest in this I would have mentioned it forever ago, I’ve known about this for about a month or so.

Read the post below this one first.

I have a little explanation behind the prices in the vending machines. Most of the products featured in the machines are price protected products. Items from Apple and gaming manufacturers are normally price protected. This is why the items aren’t stupidly overpriced, as I’m sure BBY wants them to be.

Forget the +/- .50 cents Wal-Mart takes off, comes back in tax anyway.

This should have been a comment probably, but whatever.


2 Responses to An Addendum for Best Buy Express

  1. MarcSD says:

    Well I think video games aren’t price protected, as you can find them on bargain counters much cheaper.

  2. itslupintic says:

    I guess I should have been clearer. By price protected I exclusively mean high prices, manufacturers have the final say in what prices their games are to be sold at. Whether that be super cheap or super expensive. The idea is that it isn’t up to who’s selling it.

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