My Car: A Fool’s Story


So Evan admits being an idiot with his computer, I admit to being a supreme idiot with my car.

I won’t go in to how much I love my car, and how I think it’s better than every other car. I’ll just get right in how I almost ruined it…

So, maybe a month or two ago, I took a sharp turn and my engine oil pressure lamp came on. I was somewhat shocked, as it had never done it before and the car is a brilliant machine that has never acted up in the almost two years now that I’ve had it. Thinking nothing of it, I drove on and saw nothing more of it until later. As of late, it’s been happening much more frequently and with much less G force.

I finally gave in and just outright asked my dad about it. He kicked around the idea of faulty sensor, low oil, and gave me reasons behind both. After watching Cosby perform his 1983 routine on television, we went out and checked my oil level carefully.

Sure enough, there wasn’t a single drop of oil on the dipstick. I had been driving around with severely low oil and could have (and may already have) caused engine damage.

The reason I’ve been waiting so long, is because the dealer told me I had 10,000 mile oil changes. I drive a Volkswagen Golf and this is normal, as they use incredibly high quality oil and associated items.

However, I was never told that between these oil changes, I may have to add oil as a supplement. I was just told at the time I bought my car “10,000 mile oil changes”. It wasn’t until I consulted my dad, the manual, and remembering the Florida road trip, you need supplemental oil when going long distances between oil changes. So I’m now much more knowledgable about keeping the oil in my car up, but at the risk of some engine damage.

I feel like an idiot, because if I would have just looked in the manual for what the indicator light was, I would have immediately taken action, and have been driving happily with no worries.

Evan, ignorant of RAM, me, ignorant of OBVIOUS oil problems.


2 Responses to My Car: A Fool’s Story

  1. rbelmont000 says:

    Yes, that is a dumb mistake, but like I’ve proven, everyone makes dumb mistakes.

  2. scottiec809 says:

    Thats what happened to the Camry I used to have. When I got the car from my brother, I had no sense to check it to make sure it had oil. Sure enough about a month and a half later my engine died.
    It was a piece anyways.

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