The Computer is Fixed!


Or, “Evan is an Idiot”.

So, after 2 months of no Thinkpad, 140 or so dollars, and lots of time spent on finding a solution, I finally fixed my computer last night.

The solution was disturbingly simple and something that I should have done in the first place. Actually, I was fairly happy with myself before last night. I ran tons of tests on my comp, tried various fixes, reformatted my harddrive, bought a new harddrive, and purchased recovery discs from Lenovo. I thought I was pretty thorough and did a fine job with everything.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do one of the first AND easiest things that my brother told me to do. Before I bought my harddrive, before the recovery discs were purchased, and before I all but gave up on this blog, my brother told me to check my ram. More specifically, he told me to reseat it. Me, being an idiot, never did that because, for some reason, I thought that I had already done so.

So last night, my friend and co-author of this blog (and the one, besides my brother, who has been trying to help me fix my computer) went ahead and showed me how to take out my ram. I really didn’t want to bother with it much, and I figured that there was something much more broken with my computer. ¬†Fortunately, I went through with it and, of course, it fixed everything.

So yep, no more freezing.

It’ll be kind of hard getting back into the whole scheme of things though. I’ve been without a computer for 2 months and I got really used to it. I didn’t care about checking the websites that I visit on a daily basis, I didn’t have to worry about writing posts, and I had a lot more free time that I would have normally spent working on making games and drawing. Now I’ll be going back to making daily posts on two websites (Blog of Sorts and 4colorrebellion) and drawing and working on games.

Well, here’s to the first of many!


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