Well, with school finally out and Winter vacation in full swing, it’s time to bring things back into perspective and have somewhat of an official blog relaunch. After several months of unnecessary silence from Evan, it’s time to get things back on track.

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Working in retail during the holiday season:

Fast Track to Failure

Evan’s computer has finally been fixed, but I’ll let him tell you about that junk. I felt that trying to carry a two-person blog with one person was a bit ridiculous, and it wasn’t going to be very good with one post every week. I figured it was just best if I left it alone and had a nice revival party later and get back to regular posting when possible.

Fast Track to Failure

I don’t know how many of you have worked in the retail world, but it’s a pretty dumb place. It’s all about pressure, big money, and consumerism. There isn’t a time when I’m NOT being told to top-sell and “offer the buffet” and a plethora of other sales tactics designed to lure and manipulate customers to spend the most amount of money.

Obviously, if I ran a business I would want my customer’s to spend a crapton of money, but I would want them to do it for the right reasons. What I mean is, instead of trying to offer them extras they may not be satisfied with, offer them exactly what’s needed rather than everything, and hope they pick something.

I mentioned “offering the buffet”, at BBY, I’ve been told this means to offer the customer EVERY possible option and let them pick from it. Statistics show that when offered the buffet, a customer is more likely to buy 3/10 things, as opposed to 0/5. The main problem with this, is there is a billion options, and “offering” this to someone is incredibly time consuming, and you may just be wasting both the customer’s and your time.

I doubt I could be a sales person, constantly telling the same information, giving the same pitch over and over again, it just sounds awful.

I’m a bit off topic, let me get back to where the freight train of stupid stops in town. Everyone knows that when the holiday season rolls around, you need temporary extra help to ease the pain of the nearly double business. I do like that idea, and it definitely helps, however, Best Buy has a different approach that absolutely enrages me.

While they do hire seasonal help, they not only didn’t hire for our already help-hurting department, they also let our supervisor go work Home Theater installations (minus one person). Our in-home guy quit, they are replacing him with someone in-store (minus another person) and replacing him with… no one. So, we’re basically down two people going into the worst part of the season, and Best Buy is now in a “hiring freeze” saying they’ve hired the seasonal help, and no one else may be hired right now.


What else is messed up? Well, I hope you’ve heard of blackout dates. Blackout dates are certain days or months in which vacation time is not allowed.

Dumb, just outright dumb.

Instead of hiring the needed help and letting employees spend time with their families, they freeze hiring and disallow vacation time to force no new labor and screw the current employees over.


So I’ve been playing the part of supreme jack-ass and manipulating the rules to my advantage. I am doing shift-swapping to get consecutive days in a row off, and in-advance schedule altercations. I’m basically using legal rules to get vacation time, but being sneaky about it.

Apparently though, we are one of the few Best Buys that have the departmental problems and lack of help, maybe because in the Southern half of the United States, technically competent teen-to-young-adults are scarce.

Whatever the case is, it’ll break down into mass hysteria and the pressure will be on, but I’ll be ignoring it. It isn’t my fault they are irresponsible and haven’t hired a new services manager (oh yes, he got fired too, haven’t replace him yet either).

Typical day: Two non-technical people early in the morning, they take in 10-15 computers apparently. Nobody or one person working mid-shift who is stuck on the counter because it’s really busy or the morning people leave early. The evening person (usually one or two people) come in, the mid-shift either leaves or stays till an hour or two before closing, and almost everyone is stuck up front or handling other responsibilities that are deemed more important than repairs.

If you have been wondering, “Well who’s fixing stuff?”

No one. That’s who.

I have to do, a million other things that are more important: shipping/receiving, pre-setups, front counter, phones, and functionality checks (NEW!).

What Best Buy really wants, is for people to just donate us money, we aren’t supposed to fix their stuff, that’s so unimportant, it’s not funny. Our new temporary services manager ONLY cares about pre-setups. It’s like he walks into the back area with a hand covering his line-of-sight to repairs and just sees the presetups.

I’m perfectly obedient when it comes them prioritizing everything that isn’t repairs, because I’m coming to get those managers when the customers get ultra pissed that nothing has been done to their computer.


We’ve got too many people with weekend-only availability and it’s now destroying us.



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  1. Fatal says:

    I know exactly how u feel, i work at geek squad as well.

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