Michael dug around in the mail…


And found a fangamer sweatshirt that he ordered! I’ve got plenty of pictures and a little bit of advice in case you were thinking about buying one. 

So, what kind of swearshirt is it? It’s a light-weather hoodie that has custom made emblems for Snow Wood Boarding School, the school Jeff Andonuts attends in the game Earthbound for the Super Nintendo. I really like that part of the game and this hoodie looked very professionally done, so I ordered one.

It was fifty bucks, and that’s pretty pricey, but all indie stuff is. My The Sword hoodie was about thirty or fourty bucks and the quality isn’t near worth that much money.

The camera is complete crap, so these pictures are absolutely awful, and may not help in your judgement of the product at all. Too bad I’ve undone everything and am washing it right now, or I’d redo these horrible pictures. Thankfully some of the later pictures came out good.

The sweatshirt comes with this set:

imgp00202It comes with a set of four buttons bearing relevant logos, one button that says “I [oink] NP”, a fangamer logo sticker (the oval shaped thing that is too blurry to even make out), and a custom made slip of paper showing your order. 

This slip of paper and sticker are the surprise. The cool thing about it is that they hand write in your name, as well as hand draw a Starman on the paper, it’s fantastic if I do say so myself.


Here’s a zoom of the logo on the shirt as packaged.

imgp0024A view of the buttons and front of the shirt.


imgp0029The shirt opened with a crackalin and I promptly began the wash. The problem I forsee is the shrinking. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s going to shrink if I don’t follow procedure. Cotton shrinks if you wash it on high temperature and dry it on high temperature too, so I’m going to just air dry it. It already barely reaches the bottom of the shirt I’m wearing and the sleeves are the right length. A large would shrink and fit nicely, so if you normally fit large well/loose, you would want to order and extra large.

The material itself is quality, the ink seems like it won’t just wash off after a few times, so it’s looking like a good investment so far. The innards are super soft, and are going to be warm and cozy. Even though Evan believes that jacket weather is any weather you can wear a jacket in and not feel hot, I would say you could wear this in “cool” to “cold” weather. This jacket probably wouldn’t work with “freezing” or “Damn it’s cold out here!”, weather. It’s not very breathable, so you probably wouldn’t be able to wear this indoors much, though it zips, so the comfort is adjustable.

Anyway, it’s basically what I expected, the website almost makes it look like a really heavy hoodie, with multiple layers of fabric, this one, however, is just plain stylish.

Get yourself one here!

Don’t forget to check the picture of the girl wearing it, she’s pretty easy on the eyes.




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