Lyre Bird

I know, it’s an odd post, but I had been thinking about this amazing bird off and on for years. I had seen something on television one time about a bird that could imitate sounds it hears. I didn’t know it was to this extent though.

Read on for the coolest thing you may ever see.

I have my belief that this is the coolest thing of all time.

Lyre bird.

It’s something I would dedicate my entire life to studying, but a lot of the comments indicate that some of the stuff isn’t real. Such as the very unbelievable replaying of the human voice, Seinfeld theme, and operatic singing. Then again, I doubt any of those commenters have ever been to Australia to test out the authenticity of the bird themselves.


2 Responses to Lyre Bird

  1. scottiec809 says:

    Thats pretty funny man. The Seinfeld theme was hilarious.

  2. DSHwasha says:

    this is also gold.

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