100 Posts

Yep, today we made it to one hundred posts. How do I feel about it? Pretty much the same. I am definitely happy that we’ve kept it going, and been fairly consistent with posting (less so now because of my broken laptop and school).

I think we’ve had at least a few quality posts mixed in with these 100, and I hope we can keep that going for as long as possible. I plan to bring back Daily Picture and other things, but I will definitely spend more time on the pictures. The whole point for doing that was to improve my artistic abilities, so churning out 5 minute sketches won’t help that very much.

In addition to that, I feel that the site has begun to come to it’s own. I wrote a post last week about how I wanted the website to gain some sort of identity, but I thought about it and I really feel that it has. Visually it looks good, even though I had to use a preset theme. The buttons and everything give it more of a distinct style from other sites. And even the stuff we write about follows a pattern: stuff we like. There’s no point in giving the site a specific topic if we’d rather write about other things. So we’ll keep writing about whatever we want and hope that our readers like it.


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