3 tests this week and I haven’t beaten Mother 3 yet. This will also be my birthday week/weekend. My birthday is middle of next week, so it must be celebrated early. I’ll try to get some junk on the blog, but I don’t know how successful I’ll be since I have a paper to write in addition to all this other stuff. November will mark the last full month of school, as exams start the beginning of December.

Hope things are going well for all of those in school.


Or bunos preview, as Evan would say.

I’ve been HEAVILY reworking my kernel for Linux. I’m still trying to get my on-board ethernet to work. Unfortunately it’s a year and then some old bug that just keeps on resurfacing in kernel development. They’ve fixed and broken it at least ten different times (quite literally).

However, I’ve peeked at the 3 meg changelog for the prepatch of the kernel, and there are about four or five MAJOR bug fixes (including some I’m having) to the e1000e kernel module.

The next article I’ll write will probably be a wonderfully detailed DIY kernel build guide for Ubuntu.

I upgraded my kernel from 2.6.21-24 to (as I finished, .4 was released, go figure).

Laptop is now running smooth and super cool.

In fact, it’s actually cooled off while playing Mother 3 and doing other activities, what a great laptop.

It’s a shame Evan’s hard drive crapped out on him. Wonderful machine.


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