Cool Things: MSDNAA

Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) partners with schools to offer their latest and greatest software absolutely free. That’s right, old, new, useful, almost every software you ever wanted (even if some of it is a bit nerdy) can be obtained through your school with MSDNAA. 

There are a few catches though…

The school I got to is an active participant in the MSDNAA program for colleges. After all, my school was the first to ever have as a major, computing (or that’s what they tell me). 

MSDNAA allows you direct download access to everything but Microsoft Office. You get (almost) unlimited keys for products such as Windows Vista Business, XP, 2000, 98, Microsft Access, FoxPro, Visual Studio and all of its counterparts and many many other super-expensive softwares. 

The one major catch is that you must be enrolled in at least one computer information science class in order to use it. That’s not even a bad requirement for how much software is on there.

Want to see what all its possible to get for absolutely free?

Go here.

I used that to get two copies of Vista Business , Microsoft Access and some of the expensive developer software at no cost.

This is super awesome because one of the major problems with taking technical courses is the need to buy really expensive software. This program allows people like me (non-scholarship) to get the software required by classes at no charge. Couldn’t be much easier.

Think this is cool? Go here to check to see if your school has it! If it doesn’t, go talk to someone and see if you can get your school involved in the program!


One Response to Cool Things: MSDNAA

  1. scottiec809 says:

    Just looked it up. USM does have this partnership. Its pretty cool, but the school of Computing doesn’t even get Vista, but the College of Business does. WTF?
    Especially since I just changed my major to College of Computing.

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