Yeah, we’re still here. It’s just that the big ball of life has come out of a predictable place and just zinged me in the crotch, leaving me struggling to stand up and grab hold of my priorities and organize them.

This blog is much more of a hobby than anything else, so it falls low on the list, also the release of the Mother 3 patch has been consuming a majority of my time.

Blog or Mother 3? Easy choice.

Well, what has been going on to make me just omit posting?

It’s all work related unfortunately. Since the economy started failing, manager’s heads have been put on the proverbial chopping block and things have been collapsing. Interdepartmental struggles have just been tantamount to futile fussing and an all-time low morale. Yesterday marks the first time my boss has ever acted like a complete jerk to me for no reason, but I believe I know why.

He actually started caring about pre-setups, those nasty higher price enforcers that we shove at customers and force them to buy. Pre-setups work on the principal of YOU caring about the benefit of the service.

“Why would you NOT want it optimized? Don’t you want a fast computer? Well, it’s only $29 and we don’t have any unoptimized ones.”

Then when the customer just doesn’t genuinely doesn’t want the service and we end up eating it, people get yelled at, and it’s all Best Buy’s fault. They honestly think there is no reason a customer wouldn’t want to pay that money because our service is just that damn good. The service is meant to be a convenience.

“You want your computer set up by ‘professionals’? Well we have that, and you don’t even have to wait! Only $29!”

Absolutely ridiculous of them to expect every single customer to want that just based on sales tactics.


There are also double-standards, talking behind people’s back and people who just don’t work. Other departments don’t have this problem, because they just sell things and people go away, if something breaks they come to us to handle the repairs, and when stuff goes wrong, we take all the heat. I probably would be happier working in another department where I would just sell things.

“Yeah, you want this big ass television? Here ya go, any problems go somewhere else.”

Their customers don’t come back, and if they do it’s to buy more stuff. If they didn’t like the product or had a bad experience they just go somewhere else. Repair work is much different, you have someone’s stuff and they are doing without it, they are upset it’s broken, and if no one is fixing it, or it’s taking too long, or it was done wrong… people will be angry and yell at you and all this junk for stuff that may not be your fault.

To be completely honest, Best Buy doesn’t give a crap about their customers. Every day I come into my job, doing a bunch of extra stuff that isn’t at all related to the customer experience, and not just stuff that’s necessary to running the company, just all these greedy sales things and policy handling. In fact, computer repair is on the absolute very bottom.

Enough about work though, my birthday is coming up and I get to spend a relaxing (not really) long weekend back at home. I’ll be chilling out and eating free food. Maybe I’ll go to a casino just because I can get in now legally. I won’t be drinking or partying or anything because my mother wants to celebrate hers at the same time, so whatever. All my friends are far away and there will be no one in Mississippi except other people who will probably be working during that time anyway.

I’m going to have papers to write and homework to do, so it won’t be very relaxing but I’ll have plenty of time to get done all the school work. I might do another entry later tonight, maybe beceause I feel like I’ve got to make up for the general lack of activity. Hope the insight into Best Buy will make you a more conscious consumer and question the ethics of whoever you are buying from.




One Response to Alive

  1. scottiec809 says:

    Dude I’m trying to get those days off, so I may be home.
    My brothers birthday is the day before yours, so I’m trying to make it home for that.
    Your birthday being the day after is just a plus.

    But, I still may be home.

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