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Well, my computer is pretty much dead for now. Yesterday, I was able to get on for a few hours at a time before it froze, but now it’s been less than an hour at a time. It looks like I’ll be changing out my hard drive myself, which will be about 75 bucks cheaper than the alternative AND I’ll be getting a bigger drive.

Anyway, this means, while I’ll still be able to do written posts, I won’t be able to do anything that requires my drawing tablet. So no Daily Picture, no Other Art, no more of My story.

At least for now.

Anyway, so instead of all that, I’ll try and make some more written posts like this.


3 Responses to Posts Like This

  1. scottiec809 says:

    Don’t you have to have specific tools to get into a laptop to work on it?
    I thought you did, if not let me know because there is some crap that I want to change in my laptop-like my burnt-out ethrenet port that doesn’t work and Dell wants to charge like over 200 bucks to replace even though I have a warranty.

  2. itslupintic says:

    Nice banner. Scott, you can change out parts that are meant to be changed out (hard drive, RAM, battery) with a screw driver or no tools. Complex stuff like motherboards, LCDs etc. use special tools or special know-how to do.

  3. scottiec809 says:

    Gotcha. I realized that like ten minutes after I posted the comment. I’m an idiot. I realize that now.
    Thanks for stating the fact. Its very appreciated.

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