Why Are Books Hard to Get Into?

Short and simple answer: there’s no easy way to preview them. Sure, you can look at excerpts and summaries, but that doesn’t really give you a good look at what a book’s going to be. The best way, that I’ve found, is to just keep reading books by authors you like. But what about when you run out of books by that author (like I am)? Are you just supposed to give up reading?

I want a better way to get ideas for books to read. Previews only work to some extent. For instance, I read a preview of Dune and it sounded pretty interesting, but I started reading and I was utterly bored.

Now, some people don’t have as much problems as I do. Some people know tons of authors they like, tons of styles, etc. But I don’t. I don’t even know type of books I like besides “books that Murakami wrote”.

So here’s what I propose: a website dedicated to finding similar books to what you like. There have been sites out there that do this, but the ones I’ve seen haven’t been simple and clean enough. They might be fine for people who like to go on and on about books they like, and how this author is obviously so much better than that one. For people like me, though, that doesn’t help.

Here’s what I want this website to be like, first off, you make a list of the books that you’ve read. Then you rate multiple catagories, like “enjoyment”, “length”, “readability”, etc. from 1 to 10. Then the website complies a list of books that you may enjoy from data collected from other readers. That’s ALL this site should do. It shouldn’t over complicate things with reviews, friends, and vampire invites (Facebook, you have become worse that I ever could have imagined) and such, because that’ll drive the average person (me included) away.

Simplicity should be the goal.


2 Responses to Why Are Books Hard to Get Into?

  1. scottiec809 says:

    I’m right there with you man. I have trouble getting into books too. Thats why I own a crap load of books that I haven’t read. Plus, the author that I like, only has written two books that I know of, and I am almost done with the second now.

  2. scottiec809 says:

    To add one more thing, Ally bought that bird chronicles book, so it better be good.
    I’ll read it so I’ll know.

    If its not, I’ll make you pay.

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