Daily Picture – I Love Swamp Bicycle

I love swap bicycle. Today, for the first time, I got to experience swamp bicycle. Something that I had completely forgotten about, until the Mother 3 Fan Translation reminded me about it.

Anyway, my quest to complete Earthbound before the Mother 3 translation is completed was accomplished today. The ending to that game is so fantastic. Unlike other games, which will have your typical “epic” endings, Earthbound gives you complete control to do whatever. You can explore the whole, enemy-less, world. Besides swamp bicycle, I also went out to eat at the over-priced restaurant in Summers, visited a lot of my friends, returned the book I borrowed from the library, I hung out in my hideout with my friends and tried to come up with names for our “gang”, etc. It was awesome, I spent a good 45 minutes just running around and doing all this.


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