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Wow, it’s been a busy week politically and economically. What crappened? Apparently our country has slipped into some easily predicted economic failure and we’re still completely racist and confused about our political candidates.

While eating a pizza-sub from yesterday, I watched CNN briefly to listen to the vocalizations of biggoted Americans who are “scared” of Obama and think he is some sort of terrorist. That’s why the South is typically Republican, because they are shallow racist morons  whose ideal presidental candidates are irresponsible, greedy and (apparently) senile. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I don’t like either candidate. Come voting time I’ve voting Nader.

So what happened to the economy? Apparently people lost faith in the stock market and our currency and stuff started to fail. In case you don’t understand simple economic principals here’s a big one:

In order for a business to succeed, you must GIVE it money.

Businesses do well by profiting, they profit by you buying from them. Guess how the stock market works? A business’ worth goes up when they do well, they do well when they are profitable and they are profitable by YOU BUYING FROM THEM!

People are morons to all of a sudden stop buying and have this massive panic attack that everything is failing. It’s failing because you’ve now been lured into this false sense doom and you are directly causing the fail by not spending.

As a well known rule I’m a meiser, I rarely spend money on anything extra, and I’m a direct cause of economic problems, but I’ve always been that way. Just because I have money I’m not going to go out and buy some random electronic, I’m smart enough to save for the future. I may preach many different views, but in this sense, I only suggest.

We’re apparently going to recover, and of course we are, because the media is really controlling the state of this thing. When the media comes out and says, “Stuff is getting bad, economy is dying.”, people believe that load of bollocks. We were testing out a television in the back today and some political channel was on and they had some poll where 65% of those polled had no faith in the current economy, I wish  they would have said WHY those people had no faith. They probably had no faith because they watched the same damn political program that TOLD them they should have no faith because things were “failing”.

Our stock market is based ONLY on faith and corporate success. That’s why it’s a gamble. If someone comes out and goes, “It’s over! Get all your money out now!” people listen, the companies are paying out too much too fast, and everything goes down the toilet.

The cure for a failing economy? Spend money, you have to make the failing businesses succeed with your money. That’s why they are a business in the first place. We at Best Buy have been super dead this past week, I’ve never seen the store so completely empty, I really don’t want the business back because I’m enjoying easy-mode, but bringing back the economy is in the power of our pocket books. So go buy some junk.

Now for some politics, even though I think the republican party is full of good ol’ boy jackases, I have a certain amount of respect for McCain. If the man is a racist or a biggot, he hides it really well. His brainwashed proponents and supporters constantly speak out against Obama as if he were some terrorist come to bring ruination to this country. Whenever someone tries to bait McCain into some racist non-sense he denies them and tries to get the people back on track. If you didn’t see that clip, there’s some old, old lady who is handed the microphone for some question and she says,

“I don’t like that old Barak Obama… he’s an… he’s an… arab.”

McCain immediately takes the microphone from her and says, “No ma’m, no he’s not.”

Watch this clip, I really like that McCain is about handling issues, and not all this dumb racist crap that doesn’t make a bit of difference.

McCain doing the right thing.

If you haven’t done your homework on Obama, here it is:

He was born in Hawaii.

He is an American citizen, he was raised in the same country most of the people reading this were. Why would he suddenly become some crazy turban-wearing terrorist? I’m sure most people reading this blog were born in a much less racist time such as myself, but if for some reason you feel that way about Obama, realize that you’re views are skewed for the wrong reason.

Learn to base your thoughts off of the views of the candidates on the issues and not skin color or ethnicity because that’s just stupid. If Obama were really to be the next George Washington and we didn’t pick him just because his parents have a Muslim background (I think he has one too), then we really are the dumbest country.

Adeel always tells me how every country hates us, they hate us because we have the dumbest foreign policy on Earth:

If you aren’t a democracy, we’re going to change that by force.

We go and stick our noses where it doesn’t belong and it’s wrong.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

You’re the president of a country, you’re one single person, you do not have the right to go invade and change another countries way of living by force using the lives of your countrymen.

That needs to be grounds for immediate impeachment and imprisonment.

If someone were to make some direct threat to us like,

“We are going to kill random innocent people until the United States comes and stops us!”

Then we might want to step up and stop the senseless violence that’s being caused in our name, or because of us.

I should probably just stop here, I have a morning meeting at 8AM and it’s 12:30AM.

Get your facts straight and don’t ever base your political views off of race, that’s just stupid.


3 Responses to O Politico

  1. scottiec809 says:

    All of it is basic principles of economics. Supply and Demand. Most companies go by future demand, which are projected guesses on how much they will sell at a future time point mainly based on previous months/years sells and what not. If they had a large supply and suddenly the demand bottomed out and no one spent money, the company gets screwed because of the demand shortfall, then they are forced to keep jacking up the price on their stuff in order to pay expenses. You cant have a large supply and shit for demand, someone will get screwed, and right now its the corporations, which mean that they are losing money, which means that their stock drops continuously, which mean that the people who had money in the stock market are losing boat loads of money, which means the people have no money and cant spend it, and around and around we go. Its a circle right now.

  2. Geek_Of_Mobile says:

    Well Said guys. Round and round it goes. Another thing that has brought about this crisis, Michael kinda touched on it. We as nation spend more money than we have. Our government can’t balance the country’s budget neither can people. Corporates try to squeeze the last peeny out of consumer’s pocket. Every corporate’s business model suggests that if we don’t get this money, another corporate will and instead of our stock another corporation’s stock will go up. I am sure this will get better and we’ll be once again most wealthy nation with no worries, but where you guys think that we can correct ourselves to not let us get in this mess again? What isn’t helping is that people are pulling out their money of stock market and banks. Only media can fix this problem by gaining consumer’s confidence again.I don’t think that it will be a permanant fix. For example: I just read the news that eruropean markets has done well today. Tomorrow morning when market opens up in US it is likely to do well on the base of the news from europe. How long do you guys think that it will go up for before it starts going down?

  3. rbelmont000 says:

    Yeah, it seems like if people would just STOP, everything would end up alright.

    Of course if people weren’t retarded enough to take out loans they couldn’t pay off in the first place, and banks weren’t so eager to get out those loans, we wouldn’t be in this situation at all.

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