Little Big Planet: Editing Demo

Evan made the comment that he was disappointed at my lack of editing mode footage. So what did I do? I made a MUCH better video that is 22 minutes of pure editing mode. I just sat down and started playing… I had no idea it was 22 minutes, great fun.

See the link after the break.

Well I turned the lights out and propped the camera up for a much better quality video. I hope this one puts into perspective the real possibility of this game. Thinking of Little Big Planet? You should be now.



2 Responses to Little Big Planet: Editing Demo

  1. rbelmont000 says:

    Great video man. Really informative, really interesting. I totally laughed out loud when I saw the parachute, that was awesome!

  2. scottiec809 says:

    Much better man. Pretty sweet blimp feature.
    I do have to give negative criticism…
    There was a finger print on the left side of the lens on the camera, so it made it difficult to see what was over there.

    Sweet video though.

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