After trying three different vitamin water flavors, I actually found a good one. It’s the yellow one, apparently called tropical citrus. After drinking it for a while, someone saw me and actually began telling me about how they heard how bad it actually is for you.

Scoffing at this person I thought,

“How can it be worse than a soft drink? Less sugar than coke, plus vitamins? You are wrong.”

Or was she?

So after drinking the remnants of a take-home water, I decided to google the phrase,

“Vitamin water bad for you”

After reading a few of the posts, it became very clear that this product is the same, if not slightly worse than drinking a cola of some type. Despite some of the claims on the bottle (the nutritional facts) it apparently is able to get around listing the additional 32 grams of crystalline fructose, the absolute worse kind of simple sugar.

The drink also contains guarana and caffeine, which guarana is a more potent caffeine anyway. Now, caffeine and its cohorts notoriously have no effect on me whatsoever, in fact they have a very normal effect. That effect is high blood sugar, as your blood sugar spikes, your pancreas floods your bloodstream with insulin, the unbalance causes the crash effect, nullifying the “energy” effect.

I never feel energetic and crap after drinking an energy drink, I just get the drowsiness and ill effects of afterwards. Rbel ritually eats Frito twists and drinks NOS and is subsequently sick the next morning, EVERY TIME.

So what’s now super disappointing, is this so-so tasting distilled water junk is as bad for you (or worse) than a much better tasting Sunkist.

Drink Sunkist.

Holy CRAP I love Sunkist.

There was actually a study done back in ’99 that showed that adult men/or women actually had no vitamin deficiency other than fat-soluble¬†vitamin E (and some other non-essential stuff I don’t feel like looking back for). Drinking non-water soluble vitamins means it ends back out of you instead of in you.

The bottom line is simply to avoid vitamin water and drink SUNKIST or MOUNTAIN DEW (LIONS). They are both not at all healthy and Sunkist is exponentially better tasting and actually gives me a better illusion of refreshment. Don’t let Fanta fool you, annoying commercials don’t make good soft drinks. In fact, Fanta orange is officially the worst tasting orange soda I have ever had. It seems difficult to screw up orange flavoring + sugar and carbonation, coke managed to flub it.

I feel like I’m getting off topic slightly so I’ll just end this.


5 Responses to Vitapoison

  1. scottiec809 says:

    Dude I heard about that like 2 weeks ago.

  2. Pete Aldin says:

    Sunkist is da bomb!

  3. Angelo's Pizza says:

    To order Sunkist orrange soda

  4. Order Sunkist Orange Soda

  5. dsf says:

    Sunkist is one of the highest sugar containing drinks around. It has about 85 grams per bottle. I wouldn’t say it is better than anything, other than giving you diabetes

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