Brick Wall

I hit a brick wall while working on Space Living today. Development has been progressing rather steadily, if a little slow, but this is the first time where I’ve been stopped. I was working on the first real level today and… it sucked. I spent a good 2 hours on it, and it was completely awful.

It’s a mess.

I think I know the reason, or at least part of the reason. I designed the enemies first, instead of designing the levels while designing the enemies. So I ended up with four pretty good enemies, but four enemies that didn’t go well together. Another problem is that I haven’t figured out how to match the enemies and things to the gameplay. For instance, if you had Megaman enemies in a Castlevania title, it just wouldn’t work. That’s the problem that I’m facing right now.

Plus, I just found out that my sausage biscuits are snack-sized.


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