Boarding the Bus is an Art

Since I’ve ramped my second year of college and am now into my third, real life has been coming at me super fast. Whenever you see an old person, you sometimes think of an extraordinary wealth of knowledge… I often wondered where it came from. It doesn’t come from books, or school, it comes from living life, and observing, and doing.

That’s why the smartest people figure out a way to take living experiences AND school and turn them into real-life problem solving and prediction techniques.

Also featured in this article: The art of bus boarding.

Ever since I was really young I’ve been an extremely observant person, more so than a lot of people. My grandmother would always compliment how observant I was about small details and things like that, it’s probably why I’m a good technical person. Even today, I find people saying,

“Wow man, good catch on that, didn’t even notice that.”

I notice the unnoticed when watching television shows, solving programming problems, fixing computers, and my favorite, behavioral observation. Something that really fascinates me is watching the way people act and seeing how they react to different things and trying to come up with a way to get a reaction based on observational theory.

It has made me a very socially cautious person, as well as someone who can meet anyone and not annoy them. It’s also my key to avoiding people I don’t like. Noticing small details that are common to people that irk me are the essence of avoiding them. My boss calls it “profiling” and I call it stereotyping, it’s boiling people down to generalities that can be proven time and time again.  I’ve mentioned doing this in my previous articles, and it helps me on a day-to-day basis.

My point of all that, is it has taken time for me to fully learn how things work and how to use them to my advantage. That’s why whenever one of my elders speaks from personal experience or tells a life story, I listen very carefully to see if I’ve ever experienced anything like that myself, or how I can use their story to benefit myself.

Sure, that’s pretty self centered, but there’s no other use for people’s ramblings than to make use of it at least. I like to watch people’s body language when they are talking to other people. It really seems that if people are standing up and talking, the conversation is more likely to be terminated prematurely because of the want to move and freedom to do so. I can actually imagine sitting comfortably and talking as opposed to standing. Being comfortable when talking is important to getting people to pay attention and to have leverage in a discussion. When standing, I notice people are more prone to looking around, walking slightly, etc. Sitting seems to mean serious business, it’s telling someone “I’ve got some junk to tell you, but I actually want it to be heard.”

Maybe I’m wrong in all that, but that’s just what it seems to me, try it for yourself.

Now, I promised bus boarding artistry and I shall deliver it. One very odd thing I’ve noticed about people waiting for buses, they seem to spread out. Even though the bus stops at the curb in a predictable spot. people still wait away from the curb and spread out. They also tend to leave spaces near the edge of the curb where the bus will stop. Common sense should tell you, if you want to guarantee yourself a spot on the bus, you should probably be at the front of the line, right? So when I approach a crowd of people who have been waiting for the bus, I go straight where the bus will probably stop, and as close to the curb as possible. I always get a seated position. It’s just baffling to me, why you’d want to risk standing when guaranteeing yourself a spot is as easy as going to the front.

Tidbits: I will never relinquish my seat to a girl, she’d have to be extraordinarily good looking and ask me personally to swap. The whole women’s equality thing really bugs me when women want the fair treatment at their discretion.

I would also like to mention this blog ended up not being at all what I wanted to say, I’ll have to do that one tomorrow… or later today.

Rbel will hate me for this but,

Butt scratcha? Butt scratcha!


One Response to Boarding the Bus is an Art

  1. scottiec809 says:

    Nice family guy quote at the bottom. One of my favorites from the show.
    And, I do the same thing you do man. I go right to were the bus will stop to wait. I don’t understand why people like to wait elsewhere, it makes no sense.

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