Some Kind of Awesome Song

While the title outright suggests an awesome song, I suggest to you that I think this song is awesome. Historically I am not a fan of female singers, I think they sound goofy, just like women who drive trucks and SUV’s. It just doesn’t fit most of the time, but this song has a rare quality of needing a woman to make it whole.

Crazy, right?

So what’s this song that I’ve added to my library to make the only female sung song?

It’s True Affection by The Blow.

Found here.

It’s very chilled out and quite catchy. I originally thought this was a Tegan and Sarah song (twin lezbian sister duo making mellow music), because if you navigate to their myspace you will find out why. This song is really cool, it makes me feel like I’m underwater, or in a bathysphere or something. Great song to give you goosebumps over its very… electric quality.




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