Lazy Sunday

It’s my first Sunday off from work since I started school back, so what did I do? Absolutely nothing. It was a day where no one called, I didn’t call anyone and I stayed indoors and did as little as possible. I’m proud though, I never once took a mid-day nap like I sometimes do and just waste an entire off day.

Predictable day for me, eat and play Team Fortress 2. I felt like I should have gone somewhere, anywhere and just done something, but that feeling went away after a bit.

I had big ambitions! I was going to use this entire day (or like two hours of it) to write my entire four page paper for my IT class. Sadly, after half a page I couldn’t find out how to cite some of the sources. The teacher had vaguely hinted at, but never gave full disclosure of a location in which the instructions could be found. So I saved that junk and went on to other things.

Facebook, myspace, rbel telling me his Interenet is broken WHILE he’s online, etc. The only reason I ended up play Team Fortress 2 so much is because a friend of mine joined who I hadn’t played with in a while, and he wanted to do some collaborative stuff. Think I’ve had my fill for a while.

I just can’t stand to sit around and do school work on a day off. I don’t mind when it’s a school day, I reserve those for homework and study because I normally have to work on those days too. I consider my weekends off sacred events because I’m a part time employee, and I RARELY get weekends off. In fact, I worked a pro shift on Saturday morning, 7AM-11AM, we opened at 10, I promptly helped one customer and left. Someone failed to show up and when I told my boss I was leaving, he began to freak.

(Note: Rbel wants me to make use of the quotation formatting, I’m not going to, but he’s going to come back and edit this anyway, the jerk.)

“Wait what!? 7-11 who would schedule you like that!?”

“Andrew did.”

As I was walking away, not caring about a single damn thing, he suddenly became very ‘hip’ about everything.

“Well rock-on then, I was hoping you’d maybe hang out with us a bit more, but that’s cool, dude, rock on.”

As if adding in the blatant lie of a “fun” job and “hanging out” was going to make me stick around and work. The thing about my boss is, he LOVES to come in earlier than he is scheduled and leave early, and sure enough, scheduled in at 10 but he came in at 9. I knew his plan, if I would have stayed, he would have immediately left like a jerk. This time, I put the screws to them and let them deal with it, I’ve got nothing to do!

However, I did study for a test that was coming up, and that’s pretty much it. I spent the entire weekend relaxing and doing nothing, how completely off days should go.




2 Responses to Lazy Sunday

  1. rbelmont000 says:

    Alright, there’s our comprimise. Use quote feature, but still use quotes. It seperates itself from the rest of the text, but obviously still is a quote.

    Anyway, good article, but I do that pretty much every sunday!

  2. scottiec809 says:

    Nice dude. I wish I could have a day with nothing to do. I dont get weekends off though, its football season, I have to work. Its a pain.

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