Friday Nights

The remark I got on the previous blog that I had of this nature somewhat discouraged me to continue writing on the topic, but I think this stuff is interesting enough. Every Friday night I normally have to close with Adeel, and he normally shows me cool things about his job or teaches me something I didn’t know. This blog seems like a good place to share and store the things he teaches me.

So what did I learn tonight?

Adeel is an integrated systems developer. From what he’s told me so far, the bulk of his job is programming circuit boards’ logic. What he does for a living is one thing I’ve always found super interesting, which is taking physical feedback and translating it into knowledge or data.

Tonight he described to me a project that he’ll be doing very soon with something called a pitot (pee-toe) tube.

He at first tried to describe to me an anemometer, which after a second I recollected what that was. He showed me a picture and began describing the difficulty with the technology. He said (and I’m paraphrasing),

There are many problems with these as they involve mechanical moving parts, they require continuous maintenance. They are also effected by sand and certain weather conditions, and are not always accurate. The final project I will be working on uses pitot tube to measure wind speed. It works by taking the pressure of the incoming wind and generates voltage, this is where i come in, I will be making the circuit board that translates that voltage and displays the windspeed in miles per hour on an LCD. This information will then be uploaded onto a server or database which can then be used further. We also will be using 8 pitot tubes to measure wind coming in from multiple directions.

I thought that was pretty cool, understanding how some things work and having someone to answer your questions is great.

Now for the political stuff, Adeel is quite active politically and tonight he put on the presidental debate streaming from CNN. Earlier he was discussing with me the Taliban, this is once again paraphrased.

Taliban is so stupid… You know about predator plane? It’s the unmanned plane used by the US military. The plane fell into Taliban territory, they are saying that they shot it down, and now their aerial defense strategy is now complete and can take on anything U.S. throws at them. The United States says the plane just fell there. They are so stupid, they don’t know how the plane works… say they shot it down with AK-47, it doesn’t matter, they still don’t know how the plane works.

I begin discussing about how great unmanned military stuff is, and how it lowers the mortality rate. He begins to tell me…

Oh! Predator is piloted from a man in a trailer. The trailer actually has the cockpit inside of it.

I respond by describing what I’m imaging, as it’s literally a view from the plane and all of the controls in front of him.

Yes, the trailer’s inside is made to be like the cockpit of the plane. But, the controls to fire the weapons are at the pentagon.

I say,

So, the pilot is doing all of the controlling and knowledge of the controls?

Yes, and someone at pentagon launches bombs.

Hah, it’s like the guys at the pentagon are going, ‘Here! You learn how to fly this thing, I want to press the big red button!

At this point Adeel brings up robotics,

Did you hear about this robot? It’s a robot you wear around you! The man gets into this robot, comes up around your feet and back and is supported by hydraulics.

I interject,

… So he has robotic strength!

Yes! Supported by hydraulics. They actually put a man of his size on his shoulders and he was running! If he needed to cut something [he makes a slicing motion], right there!

I remember aloud to him,

Yeah! I saw a show about helper robots, who could move around voluntarily and line themselves up with things to help carry heavy objects.

After our technological discussion it was back to politics, I told him about how my parents and grandmother were trying to brainwash me to vote for McCain.

He responded,

Really? I didn’t know people’s parents would try to force you to vote a certain way. My grandpa, I know how he would react he would say, ‘You are voting for McCain, no one else!

Something else I remember from a while ago, he was telling me about a new technology called (I think) nanoprocessing. A nanoprocessor is a processor that you program. Using advanced gateways and switches (literally computer logic) you yourself will design a processor to preform a task. The mindblowing thing about this is that means you could program your own graphics card, then reprogram it to become a sound processing chip, then reprogram it again and let it be a USB processor. I’ll have to ask him about this technology again and give a new update once he re-explains it to me. The possibilities are world-changing.

I really learn a lot from Adeel almost every time I work with him. This was a good learning experience, he also told me about he was very angry with George Bush and how he doesn’t like Obama’s share-the-wealth policy.

I would like to try to make these types of articles regular. I learn something about his culture or way of life or something about his job, I’ll try to put it here as best I can remember.




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