Something to Write About

I guess it’s because I’m on my Macintosh that I feel like I need to blog right now. I won’t even do a banner for this article because it doesn’t need one, and I don’t feel like putting the image editing power of the Macintosh to use. I wish I could say I had a non-work-related subject to speak on, but I don’t.

Really quickly, Best Buy just implemented something called RISE, what it means is that Geek Squad becomes customer service. It rolled out Tuesday and from what I’m being told, the customer service people now just stand around and send everything to us. 

In the day to day life, the customer service people give it the initial once-over and send it to us if it’s a product that needs legitimate testing and etc. Now, it doesn’t matter what it is, we just return the item, and worry about if it’s actually broken later. But the way it is set up, we can do everything customer service can now do, so they are useless for everything but setting people up for…. Master Card.

We already have an overflow of incompetent people and we’re lacking necessary help. So how did our services manager respond to that? By suggesting we send another person to the sales floor. One of the sole people who does computer repair. Honestly, Geek Squad is no longer about computer repair, at all. In fact is the absolute bottom most thing on the to-do list for a day’s work. We only have ONE person that can only do it for a few hours a day and there are literally tens of computers every day, people get pissed because they wait so long, but it’s nobody’s fault but a poorly run corporation.

Enough lame work stuff, time for lame movie stuff. I just got done seeing “Burn After Reading” pretty good movie staring Bradd Pitt and some fug lady. It’s a rather violent and obscene movie that will have you on edge for bits and pieces. A few laugh out loud moments keep it from being overly serious and some guesswork helps keep the viewer from losing interest. Was it worth the $8.75 I paid to see it? No. Is it worth six bucks? Yes. I don’t ever watch movies twice if I don’t have to, so I won’t say it’s viewable for a second time. 

If you don’t know what it’s about, it features fug + Pitt finding an important disc of an ex-CIA Analyst and they try blackmailing him for money to pay for fug’s cosmetic surgeries. Clooney is a member of the treasury department and sleeps with multiple older women and gets tangled in a giant web of lies and paranoia. Meanwhile the CIA Analyst’s wife is trying to divorce him and take all his money. Everyone in this movie hates their relationship and wants to do something about it. 

Is this a case of the previews being better than the movie? Absolutely. The preview for a Miracle at St. Anna blows every other movie trailer out of the water. It looks incredible. There were two previews for “chick flicks”, about men who are all remorseful about past relationships and treat the new woman right. The clip in particular I’m talking about is actually about some guy who goes to a beach house and he meets some woman, whatever, right? The preview cuts to a scene of horses running on the beach, I laughed so hard at how ridiculously stereotypical and lame that movie will probably be. The horses sealed the deal, along with the seconds of old people sex that was hinted. 

I know I just mentioned that the previews were better than the movie, and they truly were, the aforementioned preview was ridiculous enough to make it awesome. I don’t actually remember more than those previews, but I know I enjoyed it, since our theatre it really nice and has DLP technology + Christie digital technology so the picture is super clear. 

I’ve had enough of this random writing for tonight, maybe I’ll make a banner later, but I seriously doubt it.


2 Responses to Something to Write About

  1. scott bitch says:

    yeah figures that geek squad would be terrible, every place of work has poor management
    and Miracle at St. Anna looks incredible, worth the 8 bucks

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