While my associate here doesn’t like this game at all, I love this game. It’s the first video game that I have put this much play time into and that I take this seriously. In fact, it is the only video game that I currently play. I own a PS3 and a Wii as well, and after I got stuck at Wily’s castle in Mega Man 9, I’ve stopped playing that too. 

So how is Team Fortress 2 that good? To take away from Metal Gear Solid 4, Mega Man 9, Mario Galaxy or any other game that I own? Read on.

So what makes me think that this game is a brilliant shining piece of work? The game was in development for over 9 years and it really, really shows. There is so much depth and character put into every element of this game and it’s really noticeable when strategy building with your current team. 

One problem I have always had with first person shooters is balance, the best players always make the games un-fun and un-balanced. A team with two or three good people can dominate a team of 15 mediocre or bad players. On the other hand, a team of rocket-launching insta-kill weapon wielding fools can ruin the fun for those without. So how does Team Fortress 2 address that issue?

True Class Based Gameplay:

While Call of Duty pretends to have class based gameplay, this game actually executes it. Every class is completely different in visual styling, gameplay, weaponset and even vocalization. There are 9 different classes and each of them has their own individual role, pros/cons and play style. What one class can do, none of the others can do it.

Limited Weapon Set:

That’s right, players in Team Fortress 2 cannot pick up weapons of other classes. Snipers can’t pick up flamethrowers or rocket launchers, etc. Utilizing this, no one person can control every weapon and have advantage over every scenario.

Class Balancing

This calls for team strategy, people will have to play certain classes in order to achieve the map goals. While you may be thinking, “Well that means I won’t get to play my favorite class!” This isn’t necessarily true, all teams can be heavy on offensive and defensive players, and even one of the support classes. Players are diverse enough, and the game is well designed enough, that you find yourself with a balanced team most of the time. Class balancing is one of the main things that sets this game apart from every other first person shooter within the past 5-8 years. 

Let’s say the defending team has six engineers out of a team of 12 people. that’s absolutely ridiculous. What can the offensive team do? Have some medics and demomen and go take down the sentries, since half the team will be dead or is a low firepower class, the game can be easier won. 

What if a majority of the defensive team is heavies? Why the offensive team can get the aid of long range/invisible support from the Spy or Sniper. 

A team seems to be heavy on pyros? Their counter-class is the soldier, watch them go flying.

Team littered with spies? Pyros will kill them all instantly and real their positions.

Too many pesky snipers? Let other snipers and spies sneak around their field of vision and stab them.

Scouts getting on your nerves? Set up sentry guns and watch them die instantly.

For every class there exists a counter class so that no team can ever be dominant because there is no “best class”. This also makes the new player experience a bit easier. If a new player is told about how the class system works, they have a better chance to succeed. Since the sniper is the only class that really requires skill with aim, new players can play roles and succeed at them without having to be hardcore FPS fans.

User Generated Content

Forget the console versions, the PC is the only way to go. You get all the updates and user created content. The user created content can be new maps, gameplay styles, weapon skins, weapon modifications, etc. The possibilities are really limitless and this kind of stuff is seen at There is new stuff coming out all the time for this game, getting sick of the stock maps? There are tons of new maps on servers all over the country. Where is Call of Duty’s generated content? Oh, you probably have to pay for it, LAME.


Team Fortress 2: $20

Call of Duty 4: $60

Halo 3: $60 

After playing Team Fortress 2 for so long, I can’t stand Call of Duty or Halo, they just aren’t fun. Call of Duty 4 is a good game, it’s very good, in fact. However, it’s still the same lame ass get the big gun and aim at the head. That’s tired and beaten to death and is just aggravating to have the same super-nerd kill you over and over and over.

Player Protection 

There is spawn protection in this game, you have a little safe zone you can run to and start from that the enemies physically can’t get inside, so some moron face can’t just get behind your spawn area and lay fire into your head.

So why didn’t the co-author enjoy this game? In his defense, he doesn’t like first person shooters very much. But to strike him down, he played on a server with good, experienced players. He didn’t understand game concepts, and he also decided to play Spy without understanding some of the game mechanics. The Spy is the most difficult class to play and master, especially against experienced players, so he was just running and dying without any gratification. Plus, he’s a picky jerk.

I’ve convinced many people to purchase this game because as Gamespy says “Absolutely the best multiplayer experience of the year.” It’s a fun game to play with your friends, and if you enjoy massively multiplayer cooperative stuff, it’s a great game, no doubt. They are still sending new updates to the game, just check I recommend trying it on PC only, don’t play it on any consoles because they don’t get any of the updates and the controls just aren’t meant for consoles.




2 Responses to Propoganda

  1. scott bitch says:

    dude u need to let me play this game. the more i see it, the more awesome it gets.
    as for evan, first person shooters are great, i do like like third person better *(Gears2-hells yeah man) but first is good too

  2. rbelmont000 says:

    I generally give games chances before I condemn them, and it was the case for this too. I didn’t like Half-Life 2 that much, so I don’t really expect to like Valve’s games much. But one week, I did give it a try, and I played for about 3 hours (well, more like an hour and a half playing, an hour and a half looking for and joining matches) and I didn’t just have much fun.

    Contrary to what my friend says, I didn’t just play as a Spy and run around and get killed. Now, I did do that, but I also played as other characters and I did try to play the Spy correctly. I just didn’t find the game fun. I would much rather play Perfect Dark, or various non-FPS games.

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