Lately, I’ve been looking for something to spur my want to write about my life experiences. There is one thing that I’ve been seeing pop up and a comment on a youtube video I saw sealed the deal. I was rummaging through female video blogs, since I had never actually watched one, and stumbled upon some rich girl who called her video “I have no luck with guys”. I personally like to think I have no luck when it comes to the opposite sex, but it’s a whole lot different for guys than it is for girls.

When I say that I have no luck with girls, I mean meeting a girl who meets the following criteria:

1) Single

2) Not unsightly (I’m not super picky, but I do have somewhat high standards)

3) Overweight (or over what I call my “maximum tandem weight limit”)

4) *NEW* Not really religious or political

5) Listens to not country/rap.

My hindrance so far has been boyfriends, every girl has one, it seems. I can’t find one that fits, or even comes close that doesn’t have a douche-bag in tow. It’s not 5 seconds after I see a decent looking girl that some jackass in plaid shorts and huge sunglasses comes and starts humping her leg. So, for all the awful that I’ve been experiencing, I’ve just been feeling not confident and not attractive, so I’ve just pulled myself away for a bit.

Enough about my non-sense though, let’s talk about this girl’s “bad luck.”

The two comments in the comment section that particularly irk me are:

“guys r jus players really :P:P lol!” and the author of the video’s response

“n yah like katiesopinion said, guys are PENISES XD”

Which leads me to what I’ve been thinking about, preconceived notions about people. If you get in your head that something is a certain way, you are far more likely to believe it and alter your behavior because of it. I think this girl is having imaginary problems because she imagines every guy she meets as some sort of sexual fiend. There are people who are exhibit this behavior verbally… they are called racists, they have either had bad experiences with people or just have false presumptions and choose to accept those.

She’s somewhat of a hypocrite too, as in her video she actually mentions a greater force (God, in this case), preventing her from “getting laid.” Wait, I thought she wanted to meet a good guy, not get laid, because after all, guys just want sex, right?

Let me mention something here, sex is a desireable outcome of a relationship for most males, but what word did I just use that indicates a necessary commitment?


I know I can’t speak for anyone but myself, really, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that all guys know that they must develop a relationship to get “what they want.”

In my opinion, sex comes as part of the package, it’s a sub-goal, if you will.

“Yes, I would like to have sex with you, but I understand there is more to you than that, and I want that stuff too.”

If you make a huge deal out of sex and blow it way out of proportion, then you’re going to end up being unhappy and like this chick. A certain understanding must be made, that if you’re going to boil a person down to (in this case) a body part, then you’re mental vision will be shallow and limited and you won’t be able to see true intentions.

Granted, there are some major d-bags out there who’s only goal is to get girls in bed, but those guys are easy to identify, that’s what the special clothing is for. If you seriously don’t know what you’re looking for in a guy who only wants to sleep with you, see here.

I am as guilty as anyone else when it comes to stereotyping, but I do it to avoid people I KNOW I will not like. I see a person’s mannerisms, ways of speech, dress, etc. and I know to steer clear and avoid these people at all costs.

Here’s my disclaimer:

I know some of the things I say don’t apply to everyone, no one is the same as someone else, and you can’t judge someone by looking at them. But God help me, if someone I identify as a stereotype comes to me and acts exactly like I think they should, you cannot say a thing.

Moving on, as the rules of this particular society goes, the male is supposed to approach the female and do most of the preliminary work. The girl just has to wait around and look good. Now I’m all for girls who go for what they want, but it’s like guys who approach girls who just aren’t interested, the same applies for girls approaching guys. However,  I think females have a much less chance at being shot down.

My own lack of companionship is solely my fault, I don’t make an effort at any time to talk to anyone of the opposite sex because I’m quite done with getting burned for right now. Case in point, a girl I met during the Summer who seemed rather interested in me told me about the relationship she came out of and said she was still a bit hurt to enter a new one. I’m smart enough to realize when someone doesn’t give a crap about me, so I ended up just leaving her alone. 2 months later on myspace, she’s deleted me and claims she’s found “the perfect one” (according to her name). She was a real winner. Do I care? Of course not, I knew it was a crapshot when I initiated the relationship and it set sail for fail so I deboarded and I was ready after the first ten minutes for it to go absolutely no where or end up in a breadtangle of lies. 

So there you go, the girl should just clear her mind of perconceived notions and give every guy she meets a fair and equal, no-assumptions try. Unless of course they look like people from the aforementioned site. Girls, you need to stop giving those guys what they want, so we can make them extinct. They get converts because females continue to be attracted to them. We are in large part motivated by our need to attract the other sex, so we’ll change if what you find attractive changes. 

I’ve heard girls are attracted to:

1) Good personality

2) Good sense of humor

3) Other crap

I didn’t want to actually think of anything else because the point is, that site directly goes against everything I’ve heard. Those guys are all the exact same orange moronfaced ‘bags, they make the same gestures, dress the same, care only about themselves and are probably extremely bland and predictable people. Is this ALL of the guy’s fault? No, I’m sure a lot of girls out there aren’t necessarily attracted to those types, and the girls pictured could be in an “altered” state or, they are really dumb and shallow too.

This has gone on far too long, I should end this blog now and save some for another day.


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