The College Life Pt. There May be More Parts

So this will make my third year of college. The first year doesn’t really count because it was a Junior college where bunches of my friends went to locally and I went for free. This year will make my second year here at S.Bama and I’ve got to say, it’s been horrible.

I came to college expecting less assholes, a good living arrangement (an apartment) and a few other very unrealistic things. I just got a bucket full of awful, really. The major thing that causes 99% of all the anguish is my job. I’m in school and working 20-30 hour weeks. So my schedule is regular and stressful. I wake up, go to school, come home, eat some food, take a nap, do some homework if I have the time, go to work, come back, do some more homework if I’m not super pissed and then sleep. That’s basically all I have time for, I end up staying late to do homework or just to unwind from work. I don’t like coming off of a bad day straight into school work, that’s just depressing.

I can’t remember if I’ve blogged before about how bad my first year was, it was mainly bad because of roommates. Learning mistakes with my pocketbook was a very real thing. I learned that, as a person with a job, I should NEVER room with someone without a job, because they can’t buy a damn thing for living. These jobless college people have meal plans, so they aren’t going to buy things to wash and clean or any groceries and utensils. The other awful thing was that I had to room with a fratbag, stupid, messy, annoying fratbag. He was just another drunken dumb male whore who had bad taste in girls and a southern accent. I’d like the record to show that he habitually had sex with fat chicks and contracted a laundry list of STDs and lived like a spoiled momma’s boy with no responsibility.

Now, I frequently mention how I came to college with no friends, and that is partially true. It’s not that I don’t know people who go here, it’s that 95% of them I don’t care about. If you take away the 1 good roommate I had, and the person I know from back home, that I OCCASIONALLY hang out with, I’d be left with pretty much one other person, who I only know through work. Considering how I used to live back home, I’m a lonely, do-nothing guy now. I know I said that I was SUPER busy, and that’s very true, but the few times I have free time, I’d like to not spend them stuck indoors doing absolutely nothing… well that’s not entirely true.

I honestly interact with 0 people in my non-major classes unless I have to, (small group discussion, I have to talk to people then). I sit down for lecture, talk to no one, and leave. On the bus and while walking around campus, I always have my headphones on. I thought for a long time I was going to a real college, turns out this is just another commuter college and a large majority of the people who go here drive in. There are the Grove Apartments and dorms, but it’s actually considered commuter. I wonder in this case, do people behave differently on…. non-commuter campuses? Are people more open and talk to random people? I don’t know, but sometimes I guess it’s a good thing random people don’t talk to me.

I think those are the most unique things I have to gripe about, most of my other college gripes are found elsewhere:

1) Money

2) Food

3) Early classes

4) Tests/homework

I really wanted to use this picture. I just couldn’t make it work in the banner.


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