Showing All You Care about is Money

Out of the two of us, I’m the only one who is employed, and has been for a steady amount of time. I’m coming up on two years now with Best Buy and it has been a roller coaster since I first began. There are fun days, the days without negative or much customer interaction combined with no management interference. Then there are the bad days, the ones with angry people, limited help and managers pressuring you to sell services you won’t be able to preform because they won’t give you the people to do it.

Have faith, this is an insightful post, not a griping one.

My day was a long one, it started at 8 a.m. with what I knew was going to be another not-job-changing-meeting. The meetings never have doughnuts and they are always two hours of non-sense that doesn’t effect anyone very much. Today they promised that would be changed! HUGE CHANGES! Complete department make over!

All I heard is, “We’ve found a way to make our customer’s happy, it’s buy them spending a CRAP load of money on this service plan.”

Best Buy and the other competitors sell “warranties” with their products that says if certain things happen, the cost of triage and repair shall be covered. The prices vary from product to product, the more expensive the product, the more expensive the plan.

What I was informed of today, is that people complain a LOT about our service plans. People want free stuff, they think if they paid $100 extra dollars, that should not only replace their laptop anytime something goes wrong, it should do it for at least a year.

What Best Buy came up with is called “Black Tie Protection”, it’s not very new, it’s been around for several months but after its initial launch they “polished” things and are coming back, WITH HIGHER PRICES! Now, I don’t so much care that they’ve done this, some of it even benefits me, by not making people come and bug me as much.

It’s when they told me HOW they came up with the redesign. You would think as a major corporation you would listen to what the majority of your consumer base had to say, you would be wrong. Best Buy listened to only it’s “top tenth percentile of customers” that would be the people who spend the most money, the most often. What they did for these people, they flew them out to some lavish party, gave them tons of free stuff and had a meeting with this group and asked them what they wanted to be changed.

What do you think a bunch of consumers came up with? More free stuff! Best Buy gave them “more free stuff” but it now comes in a brochure (the Advanced plan) and a box (the Premium plan).

See this link : Geek Squad Black Tie Offerings

You’ll notice there are no prices, that’s because you have to be talked into buying it before you hear the price of the plan. To give you scope, the big bad 3 year Premium cost an average of $600. That’s right, you just paid $500 for a new laptop and you’re going to pay $600 for a service plan too.

Don’t get me wrong, the Premium comes with great stuff, phone support, prioritized repairs etc. Once again though… these great things are meant for the tenth percentile of the customers, that means the angry people who get upset because their cheap stuff doesn’t come with the same advantages… are still left high and dry.

I supposed from a business stand point, it makes sense to charge more for the more you offer, but it isn’t making new customers, it isn’t making the 90th percentile of customers feel any better (if I’m even using that correctly).

Also, don’t for get to “refer to the actual plan  for a complete description of this plan’s scope and limitations of coverage.”

So this was a really bland business article, I think it may have come off a bit commercial, but when big corporations listen to their pocketbooks and not consumers, it bugs me to an extent. Next time I’ll try to get a college life related article up.


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