How to Play Dracula X: Rondo of Blood on Your Wii

Dracula X (PC-Engine, not SNES) is known for being extremely difficult to get working on emulators. Fortunately, Konami rereleased the game (along with a portable version of SOTN!) on the PSP last year. Unfortunately, even though I bought it, I couldn’t play it because I didn’t own a PSP. So I’ve still been looking for a good way to play Dracula X, and I finally found it last night.

Things that you’ll need:

The Dracula X Rom. It’ll be a group of 22 files, usually labeled Track 1- Track 22.
A program that’ll allow you to convert MP3 to OGG, I used this.
SYSCARD3.PCE. This is the system card for the PC-Engine.
WiiEngine 1.4.
A hombrew-ready Wii.

1. Convert MP3 to OGG
Alright, now that you have everything, you can start getting it to work. Two of the files in the rom are going to be iso files (Track 2 and Track 22) and the rest will generally be mp3s. If your files are already in .wav or .ogg format, you can skip this first step.

Using your MP3 to OGG converter, convert the rest of the tracks (Track 1, Track 3-21) to ogg format. This will take awhile, which is why it’s good to have as the first step.

2. Put WiiEngine 1.4 on your SD
There are a number of folders in the zip file for WiiEngine, but all you need to worry about is the wiiengine folder. Take that whole folder (with boot.dol, icon.png, and meta.xml) and put it in the apps folder of your SD (I:\apps\wiiengine) (I is what my SD card drive is called, yours may be different).

In addition to this, you’ll have to make another folder in your root directory called roms with a folder in that called pcengine (I:\roms\pcengine). Then you’ll want to do that following in that folder:

– Create a DraculaX folder (I:\roms\pcengine\DraculaX )
– Put SYSCARD3.PCE in the pcengine folder (I:\roms\pcengine)

3. Put Dracula X on your SD
Now, you’ll want to take those converted files and the isos and put them in the Dracula X folder that we just made (I:\roms\pcengine\DraculaX).

4. Create a .toc file

Making a .toc file is really easy. Get into notepad and save it as draculax.toc.

That’s it, but knowing what to put into the file is a little trickier. So that’s why I’m hear to tell you:

syscard: #syscard3.pce


Then put the newly created .toc file in the DraculaX folder with the oggs and isos (I:\roms\pcengine\DraculaX).

You’ll have to change the names here to whatever the files that you have are called. I’ve heard that if you have more than one game like this, then you’ll want to change the files to something like “dracx01” and so on, because the WiiEngine could mess with the wrong files if they are all named the same.

And that’s it. Load up WiiEngine on the Homebrew Channel, and open the .toc file. You’ll be greeted with a strange screen that says “PC Engine: Super CD-Rom System” and “Push run button!”. So,  naturally, you’ll want to press the run button, which is A on the Wiimote.

After that, you’re ready to play! You can press the Home Button to access the menu, and I recommend that you do that and change the buttons so that it looks like this: “Button 1: Button II”, “Button 2: Button I”.

So have fun, and support Konami. But the Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles on the PSP if you haven’t already, or buy Dracula X if it ever comes out on the VC in the US.


4 Responses to How to Play Dracula X: Rondo of Blood on Your Wii

  1. Jesse says:

    What kind of idiot buys a PSP game without having a PSP.

  2. XYZZY says:

    After the game launches, the German narration is way out of sync (5 seconds) for some reason. My .ogg file is perfectly normal. Any explanation on how to solve the issue?

  3. mmorpg says:


    […]How to Play Dracula X: Rondo of Blood on Your Wii « A Blog of Sorts[…]…

  4. Matt Purvis says:

    Man I know im WAY late to the party here but….THANKS SOOO MUCH for this info! I’ve watched some videos and they made it 10 times harder than it needed to be (and it didn’t work). I was almost gonna give up til i found this. Very much appreciated.

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