Space Life – Update 1

I’ve been working on this game, temporarily called Space Life, for awhile now. But unlike most games, where I sit down and just start coding, I’ve really been planning this one out. It started a year ago when me and my friend, Michael (or itslupintic) talked about working on a Earthbound-style RPG together. Earthbound made a huge impact on both of us, and we both wanted to do something that resembled Earthbound. Not necessarily in any specific aspects, such as graphics (although, the graphics in Space Life are definitely styled similar to EB), music, or story, but more in the feeling that the game gave you as you played it.

Anyway, after talking about the game for awhile and planning it a little in my head, I gave up the idea for the time being. I didn’t want to use the fairly limiting RPG Maker VX (unless you know how to code) and I wasn’t good enough to make the sort of game I wanted with Game Maker (which is my Game Making utility of choice). So the idea was put on hold for awhile, though I did attempt to work on graphics for the game from time to time.

Recently, I’ve been watching Robotech: Macross Saga, and I was thinking that the show really deserved a good game. So I started planning out a game that was way beyond what I could do, but it was still fun to plan it and think about it.

Then I started thinking about merging these two products into one. The Robotech-side would need to be much more simplified than what I had originally imagined, but I thought that it could work well and that I’d be able to create a pretty cool game in the end.

So that’s how Space Life was born. I don’t know how much I will work on this project, or if I’ll finish it or not, but it’s off to a decent start.

Earthbound-inspired Space Adventure

Earthbound-inspired Space Adventure

You can see the evolution of the graphics from left to right. I started off with graphics that looked like they were stolen almost directly from the game (even the resolution is the same), which is something that I did not want. Then I went with a 160×144 resolution, which is how big the Gameboy screen is, but I couldn’t do what I wanted with the graphics, and couldn’t show a lot on the screen. Finally, I went with a 320×240 resolution and managed to have graphics that were Earthbound-inspired without looking like they were directly stolen from the game.

I’ll be updating more on this game as I progress.

Short video


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